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Programs, activities, and events presented by Confluence Studios

  • Annual Tributaries Project (interdisciplinary project focused on community issue)

*This is a project that anchors the focus of Confluence Studios to the Community at large. At the annual planning meeting the leadership members and advisory board will meet on suggestions proposed by members for the annual project. This will include monthly events throughout the community with the intention of developing awareness and possibilities for solutions through artful practices, exhibitions, performances, and engagements.


  • Confluence Art and Literary Journal

Confluence Studios hopes to foster an online annual Arts and Literary Journal run by high school and college-aged students to foster the untapped talents of the vibrant and creative works and works of the Grand Valley’s rising young movers, shakers, and policy makers


  • The Classics Study Series

This is an ongoing series of discussions, readings, guest speakers, and engagements with the classics of language and literature. It may sound esoteric to some, but you’d be surprised at the shenanigans and fun to be had by geeks of Latin and ancient Greek. 


  • Foreign Language Exploration, Clubs, and Mentoring

Confluence Studios would like to offer language instruction and mentoring in languages. Learning foreign languages is a great way to expand horizons and become more informed about other cultures and practices. It is also one of the best ways to hone one’s relationship with one’s own language! 


  • Monthly Potluck and Conversation Night

Once a Month (Time TBA) Confluence Studios will host a member potluck and conversation evening. Some might be in conjunction with guest speakers, current events, or proposed topic of conversation. Members will break bread and chew over ideas as they share food and the gift of one another’s hospitality

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