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Confluence Studios will actively seek to add more classes to the calendar as we grow. We are
currently seeking teachers in all artistic media. We are also seeking mentors for young adult skill
workshops, foreign language clubs, and project leadership—including the Confluence Literary
and Arts online journal that we hope to launch by Fall 2020. This online magazine will focus on
the intersection of art and community. The magazine staff of interns ranging in age from fifteen
to twenty will fully manage this endeavor with the help of seasoned advisors. All of these
activities will appear on the calendar after the new year.

In addition to the traditional arts and crafts, Confluence Studios is interested in developing a
program of mind and body awareness through yoga, Tai Chi, and meditations, and we are actively
seeking collaborators for that endeavor as well. 

If you have a class or series of classes or workshops that you would like to teach either as a one-
time event or an ongoing feature, please contact Carrie. All our teachers rent space from
Confluence Studios and participate in membership activities, but all class fees are collected by
the individual instructors and do not flow the Confluence model.
Additionally, you do not have to be a member to rent space for your craft or small event. The
River room is available to rent for meetings, discussions, workshops, and education. It is,
however, deeply discounted for members.

We also offer a group memberships option, which is very affordable and provides the
opportunity of free monthly meetings, either in the front sitting room space or, if available, in the
River Room. Please ask us for more information if your small community or arts group needs a
gathering space.

Finally, If you are looking to learn a craft or skill, please let us know, and we will try to fill an
unmet demand

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